The Steal (For fans of Kid Dynamite, Good Clean Fun, 7 Seconds)

(The Steal as tourists)

Holy crap, the reason I haven’t posted on these guys is because I seriously thought I did already, like a year ago. Joke’s on me!

Possibly the most energetic and positive band to hail from the UK, The Steal plays punk rock/melodic hardcore in the veins of Kid Dynamite and 7 Seconds. Many bands will try to carry the torch of their predecessors, but The Steal sprints with the damned thing.

The Steal manages to make the songs positive and meaningful without taking themselves too seriously, something that 90% of punk bands should be taking notes on. Definitely give it a listen, and if they ever are near you live (I’m talking to you “God Save The Queen-ers”) go check them out.

The Steal – New Friend
The Steal – Wonderstuff

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The Steal

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