Witch Hunt – Blood Red States (For fans of Aus-Rotten, Behind Enemy Lines, From Ashes Rise)

The only remedy for cold mornings like today is a healthy dose of crust punk (although I hear blankets and jackets work pretty well too). My drug of choice today? Philly’s own Witch Hunt (or Philly’s adopted Witch Hunt to be more exact, I believe they were originally from the far superior land of New Jersey).

Heavy as shit shredding guitars, trade-off dude/gal brutal ass vocals, and socio-political intelligent lyrics… Blood Red States was made for days like today. Playing punk/hardcore in the veins of Aus-Rotten and From Ashes Rise, Witch Hunt will definitely satsify your thirst for crust.

Witch Hunt – Twenty Five
Witch Hunt – Obscenity

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Witch Hunt

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