Presidential Debates Are Bullshit

Ok, I usually don’t make political posts, but last night I watched some of the debates, and learned something: Complete contrived, saturated, bullshit… Both McCain and Obama.

I had to turn the debate off in disgust. They don’t even let these candidates debate, it’s just them stating their stance on a few planted, pre-approved questions that a third grader could answer. Asking Obama “if health insurance should be a commodity” is like asking a porn star if they believe in censorship. Anytime the candidates would even attempt to start a real debate, the moderator cuts them off.

My solution? Let’s do it like a townhouse meeting those crazy British folks love. Have anyone ask any question they want, without being “pre-approved”.

We need people to call these candidates out on their crap: McCain is against net neutrality, so bye bye non-corporate websites (including Housewives). Obama preaches about how he and Congress will work together, but what the fuck have the Democrats done since being put into office in 2006 (well… besides give banks 700 billion dollars… so the banks can keep charging us their exuberhant interest rates).

The list could go on all day calling them out on their bullshit (both are against lobbyists… yet have over millions in donations from them).

Man I miss Kucinich…

I’m curious… what would you ask the candidates?

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