Bad Brains – Rock For Light (For fans of Minor Threat, Black Flag, The Circle Jerks)

I’ll be quite frank with all of you: Bad Brain’s “Rock For Light” is one of the greatest hardcore albums EVER in the history of the world (although I’ve heard that the ancient Egyptians knew how to throwdown.)

Hailing from DC, many have made the argument that these Rastafarian punk rockers were the godfathers of hardcore music (of course this was back in the day when hardcore was taking a punk song and playing it even faster), and they’d be right. Vocalist HR is all over the dynamic range, hitting pitches that a crack fiend being attacked by pack of rabid flying squirrels would have trouble hitting.

Now there are a few quirks about this re-issue that fans should know about. First off, the original was only on vinyl, and when they transferred it to compact disc (haha rememeber when those were a novel invention?), the producers decided it would be a really good idea to speed up the songs by 5% and increase the pitch by a half-step (because apparently Bad Brains doesn’t play fast enough… right). This won’t matter to the average listener, but all you vinyl nerds (and I know you’re out there) may have some qualms with the album.

A must in every punk fan’s collection.

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