Housewives World Tour!!!: Philadelphia

Photo taken by Matt Simansky

Well, Philly is going completely bonkers after winning the world series last night, so I figure Philly is the perfect spot to kick off the newest series: Housewives World Tour!!!

In Housewives World Tour, I’ll be showcasing my favorite bands from select cities, states, countries, and tribes!

Besides the liberty bell and having sports teams that (usually) suck, Philly is probably best known for it’s quirky punk rock music (Dead Milkmen, Atom and his Package), and it’s copious amounts of melodic hardcore bands. Come visit me in my current town, and let’s rock out like it’s 1776!

Atom and his Package – Philadelphia
Paint it Black – White Kids Dying of Hunger
Kid Dynamite – Pits & Poisoned Apples
None More Black – 10 Ton Jiggawatts

Low Budgets – Stupid Dead Kitty
Armalite – Dan’s Hands Melt
Mischief Brew – Gimme Coffee, or Death

Also check out:

Low Budgets – Leave Us Alone
Snowshoe BBQ!
Paint it Black Street Show!


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