Veterans Day Mix!

Ok, I’ll admit it. I have absolutely no patriotic pride, and instead of proud to be an American… I find myself often embarrassed. With that being said:

Much to the US’s stoked-ness (ok, minus Kentucky), Obama was elected president last week (as if you needed me to tell you that). However, we still need to fight to get our troops out of Iraq while Bush is still in office.

Also on that note, I was doing a bit of reading last night, and it’s despicable how many military families don’t have enough money to give their children food or a bed. Completely mind blowing that people are willing to risk their lives, and our government can’t even give them enough to feed their families. Maybe we could take some of the 700 billion dollars they gave to the banks and oh… I don’t know, give some so military men and women don’t have children starving?

Please go and check out these veteran organizations. Happy Veterans Day!

Veterans Against the War
Veterans for Peace
Veterans for America

Ignite – Veteran
Hope Conspiracy – Liar’s Parade
Bouncing Souls – Letters From Iraq

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