Cynics Unite: Toxic Narcotic – We’re All Doomed (For fans of Disfear, Misery)

Feeling a bit cynical today? Maybe you woke up and realized that there was absolutely no difference between your expensive Egyptian cotton sheets and regular sheets? Perhaps you were disappointed to learn that the clouds in Super Mario are the same graphic as the bushes, and the coins are the same as the fire flower? Well then, do I have the perfect band for you.

With positive songs about how world peace is completely possible… if 5 billion people die first, and uplifting choruses such as:

nothings gonna change yeah its always gonna suck
quit your fuckin bitchin and shut the fuck up

everyone has problems its never gonna stop
here’s a good solution – shut the fuck up

Toxic Narcotic is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. Pretty much the anti-thesis of posi-core, these blast beat Boston rockers are the soundtrack to any gray day.

Cynicism never sounded so good.

Toxic Narcotic – 5 Billion People Must Die
Toxic Narcotic – Shut the Fuck Up

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