Housewives World Tour!!!: New Jersey

(we’re better than you)

Ahh, the beautiful state of New Jersey, my ancestral homeland… Home of 24 hour diners (none of those crappy chains), lovely beaches, and some of the best punk bands around. Lets get a few things straight about the state:

1. No one pronounces it “Joisy”, unless they have a speech impediment.

2. Most of us hate Bon Jovi (Springsteen is rad though)

3. We’ll take “Oh you live in Jersey? What exit?” as a compliment to our strong
transportation logistics.

4. “Armpit of America”, “New York’s Ashtray”, etc. will get you stabbed (I’ll personally hunt
you down.)

5. 1% of the population of NJ have slicked back hair and really bad tans, and they all live in Hoboken.

6. We hate you.

While NJ is unfortunately home to way too many post-hardcore/screamo bands (especially when I was in high school), we’ve got just as many solid punk bands. Let’s take a listen, shall we?

The Bouncing Souls – Argyle
Static Radio NJ – Marc
Bigwig – Owned and Operated
Lifetime – Irony is for Suckers
Blanks 77 – Radio Hits
Streetlight Manifesto – Better Than You (Live At Rutgers)
Ensign – Revolution’s End

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