MC Chris with Totally Michael live in Philly!

OK, I’ve been an MC Chris fan for a number of years (well, 5 to be exact), but somehow, I was never able to catch him live. I was pretty stoked to finally get to see MC Chris, and Totally Michael was a complete added bonus.

Jesse Dangerously
OK, nobody knew this guy was even playing because he was not on the bill, but that didn’t stop this unassuming Nova Scotian rapper from charming the crowd with his humor, blazing fast raps, and all around friendliness. While the crowd wasn’t really moving (actually, a theme that stayed true for the rest of the night), it was obvious that everyone was eating up what Jesse was putting down by the amount of sheer applause after every song.

Did I mention how freaking fast he actually rapped live? With songs about topics such as “the song 4th level bosses use to pump themselves up”, Jesse kept it lighthearted and fun. He at least made one new fan last night, check him out over at his myspace.

Totally Michael:

Yeeees! This dude is so full of energy, it’s un-freaking-believable! It was obvious that not many people in the crowd had any idea who he was, but that didn’t stop the few of us from shouting along every lyric. Having everyone stretch and then forming a conga line through the crowd, it was obvious that we were going to get one hell of a show. Opening straight into my personal favorite: “Death Hill”, Totally Michael played his heart out “because it’s Thursday night!!!!”

While the crowd may have resembled something straight out of Shawn of the Dead (no, strike that, those zombies were more moving), that didn’t stop Totally Michael from jumping into the crowd dancing and playing half of his set right there. One hell of a show, and guarenteed to be filled with energy regardless of how the crowd responds. Definitely go check him out live!

Setlist (from what I can rememeber and not in order):
-Death Hill (Over and Over)
-In Her Diary
-Cheerleaders vs. Drillteam
-Slow Jam
-Casual Satisfaction

MC Chris:

By this time I unfortunately felt like I was going to die with stomach pains (apparently going to shows when you’re feeling sick is not a good idea…), but I wasn’t about that minor nuisance take away from the MC Chris set. Playing songs mostly off of his latest album, MC Chris had the crowd like putty in his hands. When he demanded everyone make “rap hands” or put their cellphones in the air, the crowd oblidged.

Up on stage with nothing more than a microphone and his laptop, MC Chris opened up with “mc chris is dead”. After ripping through a few more, everyone’s favorite cartoon network rapper stopped the songs for a bit to add some humor, letting us know he wished John McCain won, so we’d have a zombie apocolypse. Usually, a 10 minute rant would piss fans off, but the mc’s act is half music, half stand up comedy, and everyone loved it.

At one point, a few drunk fans tried to crowd surf, which prompted Chris to stop the show, and demand them to leave for being dicks. Coming from a punk background I though this was a bit harsh, but then again, if you saw the rest of the crowd, you’d know not to crowdsurf.

Something that shocked me was that the MC announced that this was his last tour ever, and he only had 4 more shows left. Apparently, his dream has always been to create a tv show, and his idea finally got picked up by Cartoon Network. Warning us that if we saw him on tour again, then things weren’t going well for him, it became apparent that he simply is sick of doing what he has been doing, and was just going through the motions. This was finally verified when he claimed he wouldn’t be doing an encore, staying true to his word and simply left the stage after his last song.

Nonetheless, he put on a fun show even if he didn’t really want to be there, although it definitely showed. Although I wish I caught him 5 years ago when he was still having fun with it, I’m glad I got to see him before he quit for good.

Setlist (From what I remember and not in order)
-MC Chris is Dead
-Nrrrd Grrrl
-Older Crowd
-The Tussin
-Pizza Butt
-Hoodie Ninja
-White Kids Love Hip Hop
-Fett’s Vett

Totally Michael – Casual Satisfaction
MC Chris – The Tussin

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