Jup (Local New Jersey Pop Punk for fans of Saves the Day)

So, this post is a bit random, but a while back I made a post: “5 Greatest punk songs from bands you’ve never heard of” and posted a song by Jup. A reader in the comment section claimed to go to high school with this local NJ band (that has long since broken up), and asked if I could upload their demo.

While I only am a fan of “Queen of Hearts”, that song alone made me happy enough to have this demo (got it from seeing them at some tiny Battle of the Bands my friends were competing in back in high school).

Thank god for the internet to find random ass bands you went to school with!

So, without further ado…

Jup – Track 1
Jup – Track 2
Jup – Track 3
Jup – Track 4
Jup – Queen of Hearts

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Sorry. These guys were tiny and broke up years ago, I don’t even think they were signed. If you can find a link, post it in the comments.

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