Give Up The Ghost – Background Music (For fans of Hope Conspiracy, Ten Yard Fight, Have Heart)

Oh my god, what a freaking morning. After getting a total of 2 hours of sleep last night, stepping in dog poop on my walk to the bus for work, rushing back home to clean shoes, getting kicked off the bus for my pass expiring, I needed some music that would pretty much summarize my day. Luckily, there is “Background Music” by Give Up The Ghost (aka American Nightmare).

For those who don’t know, Give Up The Ghost was probably the best modern hardcore band around (until they broke up a few years ago). Playing balls to the walls pissed off hardcore, GUTG carries the torch handed down by Ten Yard Fight, does some steroids, and then runs a few extra miles just to show off.

I remember first getting “Background Music” from a friend in college, who actually didn’t like hardcore except for these guys (he was a huuuuge indie kid). I’d complete that thought, but my brain is fried (2 hr sleep)… so I’ll leave you with this: Give Up The Ghost’s “Background Music” is the perfect soundtrack for a pissed off mood.

Give Up The Ghost – There’s a Black Hole In The Shadow Of Pru
Give Up The Ghost – Hearts

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