Atom and His Package – A Society of People Name Elihu (For fans of Matt and Kim, Totally Michael, Dead Milkmen)

So Atom and hi…. OH MY GOD ARE THOSE HIS TEETH??? Eeeeeew…. gingivitis! err. um, where was I?

So we here at the housewives are completely obsessed with Atom and His Package, posted on him more than anyone else on this blog, but somehow managed to never actually post on any of his albums.

Atom’s second album “A Society of People Named Elihu” took dweeb-synth pop to a whole new level (read: unknown) with it’s quirky 80s/Rugrats hooks, hilarious lyrics, and err… very unique vocals. I’ve read reviews that called Atom’s work “retarded Sesame Street music”, and it’s amazing how much hate mail he used to get simply for doing something different at the time.

Fuck the reviews, this album is solid genius, and is one I seldom get tired of listening to. Maybe it’s the way Atom took classics from Fugazi, Misfits, and Youth of Today and completely turned them into synth songs that pissed people off. Whatever, nothing is sacred in this one man band.

Atom and His Package – Goalie
Atom and His Package – Me and My “Black Metal” Friends

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No Idea Records (buy it off here. it’s 6 bucks.)

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