Auto Bailouts and other Bastardly Deeds (A Mix!)

Good morning America! While you were asleep, you were once again turned over and completely ass raped by the rich of this country… leaves you with a warm fuzzy feeling inside doesn’t it?

Yes, that hard earned money that you work for, and then pay taxes on have been given ONCE again to your employers, so they could keep paying you shit wages and making your waking existence nothing more than a 5 days a week 9-5 death march!

Why should we give this money to bailout people about to lose their houses, people who are homeless, children without medical access, and helping all the people employed by these companies?

Duh. Because if you’re poor and believe in socialist ideals, you’re a “commie”, but if you’re a rich corporation who has made horrible business decisions and continued to manufacturer vehicles that completely pollute and destroy this earth while your Japanese counterparts are at least making SOME strides, well then to not help out an American business is just “unpatriotic”.

Besides, congressmen don’t have their 401k invested in poor people! And think of all the people who will lose their jobs if we don’t fund it with taxpayers money… I mean there is no other way to fund it!

Oh well, at least Obama will change everything! Right guys?! Oh wait.

I guess it’s the first time that us far left people are actually finding common ground with the republicans for once.

DRI – Bailout
Dillinger Four – The Great American Going Out Of Business Sale
The Impossibles – This is Fucking Tragic
Against All Authority – What the Fuck You’d Expect?
Screeching Weasel – Used Cars
Chaos UK – Wall Street Crash
Aus Rotten – When You Support These Fucking Bastards
The Unseen – Goodbye America
The Nips – So Pissed Off

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