More Christmas Songs you Won’t Hear on the Radio!!!

Alright, so last year, we brought you 10 holiday songs you won’t hear on the radio (because seriously, how many pop covers do we need of Jingle Bells?*see footnote) Besides, punk covers and whatnot are so much better… with that being said, here’s some more songs you won’t hear on the radio!

5. Real Mckenzies – Pagan Holiday
Hey, we don’t want to leave anyone out. Maybe you’re not a Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa celebrator… here’s to the winter solace!

4. The Chinkees – Christmas
A little politically aware ska tune. Skank around the tree rudies!

3. The Vandals – Thanx For Nothing
Ever wake up on Christmas morning and say to yourself “gee, I really wish I had a bratty kid to listen to complain on this lovely holiday morning?” Just play this song, it’s cheaper than raising a kid, and more importantly, unlike a kid, you can shut it off when you’re done!

2. Atom and His Package – Snowshoe BBQ
This is for all you people in Boston, Midwest, other crappy location of the United States. Enjoy your snow suckers (and keep it out of philadelphia!)

1. Nicotine – Do They Know it’s Christmas?
Amazing punk cover of possibly my favorite christmas song.

Still not in the Holiday Spirit?
Top 10 Christmas Songs You Won’t Hear on the Radio
Snowshoe BBQ Live!
Holiday With the Vandals!


*Note: Most christmas songs on the radio are annoying, EXCEPT the Bruce Springsteen “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town”, but that may just be hardwired in my NJ DNA.

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