Best Albums of 2008

Little known fact: One of the 10 commandments actually state: “If Thou Ownth A Music Blog, Thou Shall Create A Top 10 Of The Year List. If Thou Fails to Comply, Danny Devito Will Nibble Off Your Fingers To The Knuckle”.

2008 was a hell of a solid year for punk rock and music in general. We had hella solid releases, hella good shows, and people finally stopped using the word hella.

So without further ado: silverunity’s top 10 of 2008!

10. Less Than Jake – Gnv Fla
You remember that old friend you used to have in elementary school… you know, the one that you used to play wiffleball with in the backyard and spend hours trying to rescue Peach from the castle with that suddenly became a huge douchenozzle the second you guys reached high school? Then once you both reached college, “too hip to quit” suddenly became really cool again? Yeah, Less Than Jake’s GNV FLA is precisely that.

MP3: Less Than Jake – The Space They Can’t Touch
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9. The Slackers – Self Medication
I’ve always been a fan of the Slackers, but in the past, none of their albums really stuck out and hit me hard. “Self Medication” changes all that. The Slackers matured their sound, all while sticking true to their ska roots. I didn’t see it at first, but they could accurately be described as ska in the veins of The Specials mixed with traditional rock. If someone has a gun to your head and says “you can only check out one ska album of 2008” (or maybe you’re an indie fan and they say “you HAVE to check out one ska
album of 2008″), let The Slacker’s latest be the one.

The Slackers – Every Day is Sunday
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8. mc chris – mc chris is dead

Call me a nerd, but apparently I have a special place in my heart for hilarious high pitched cartoon (Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Sealab) rappers who apparently hate all form of capitalization. With “mc chris is dead”, mc chris proved that not only could he rap, but he could also cut the most melodic catchy hip hop I’ve heard all year.

MP3: mc chris – nerd grrl
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7. Static Radio NJ – An Evening of Bad Decisions
“An Evening of Bad Decisions” surprised me at first, as Static Radio NJ slowed down the vicious hardcore present in their EP “One for the Good Guys” by adding more melody and cleaner vocals. And the most surprising part? It worked well for them. Melodic hardcore like Grey Area and Lifetime.

Mp3: Static Radio NJ – Marc
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6. Teenage Bottlerocket – Warning Device
The Ramones version 2.0. I’m a sucker for 3 chord punk rock, especially when it’s as catchy and energetic as Warning Device. I called it back in January that this would be on the list.

MP3: Teenage Bottlerocket – Bottlerocket
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5. Totally Michael – Self Titled
If pop was actually played right like the way Totally Michael plays it, then maybe the radio wouldn’t suck so much. Take all the things you’re embarrassed to admit about liking Blink 182’s “Enema of the State”, mix it with some electronic shiz like Atom and his Package, and you’ve got one genius album.

Mp3: Totally Michael – Casual Satisfaction
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4. Dillinger Four – Civil War
How do you go 6 years without releasing a record? I believe the conception of this album went something like this:

“Hey, are we still in a band?”
“Oh, you mean D4? Uhh, I’m not sure…”
The songs are much more poppy than their previous releases, which took a while for me to warm up to, but after a few spins, you realize… nothing Dillinger Four does could possibly ever be bad. Looking forward to their next release in 2014!

Mp3: Dillinger Four – Like Eye Contact In An Elevator
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3. Disfear – Live the Storm
Furious dbeat/crust/whatchamacallit from a bunch of Swedish dudes who created the heaviest album on this list. That’s really all you need to know.

Mp3: Disfear – Get it Off
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2. Paint it Black – New Lexicon
Paint it Black pushing the bounds of hardcore (with the help of hip hop’s Oktopus from duo Dälek) with darker overtones not usually found in the music. Dr. Dan Yemin is in his late 30s/early 40s, and still delivers his lyrics with more urgency than the majority of hardcore bands half his age. Much darker than any of their previous releases, Paint it Black completely mastered the art of tearing shit up.

Mp3: Paint it Black – The Ledge
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1. Protest the Hero – Fortress
Ok, I’m probably going to get some criticism for making this the number 1 release of 2008, but Protest the Hero really pulled through with “Fortress”. The songs are fierce, and draw from a number of different influences (metal, thrash, punk, and even reggae during one song). Through all the heaviness, the songs are still incredibly catchy, and Rody’s vocals are definitely a huge improvement over Kezia.

MP3: Protest the Hero – Spoils
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(Note: I’m sure The Steal’s “Bright Grey” would be on this list, however I couldn’t find a copy of it anywhere near me. Same goes for Higher Giant’s debut).

To Infinity… And Beyond!
Lot’s of things to look forward to 2009. We got new albums lined up from Propagandhi, Bouncing Souls (who are doing 1 song a month), and Bomb the Music Industry for starters. I foresee 2009 being awesome for punk rock. Also, let us know your top 10 in the comments!

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