Housewives Homegrown: Heck Yes! (For fans of Totally Michael, Matt and Kim, Atom and his Package)

Housewives Homegrown is a series where we post some radical unsigned bands.

Take the sugary sweet pop tunes in the veins of Totally Michael and mix it with the overly positive lyrics of Good Clean Fun (without the straight edgeness)? Uhhh… Heck Yes!

Heck Yes! is just two dudes hailing out of Nashville,Tennessee making crazy catchy tunes. With a motto like “positivity isn’t just for hardcore kids” (although I can’t think of a scene in a more dire need of some), you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into. Heck Yes! takes everything about Andrew W.K that you’re too embarrassed to admit you like, and flaunts it with pride… and you know what? it sounds fucking good.

Definitely check them out if you’re a fan of Totally Michael or Matt and Kim.

Heck Yes! – Welcome to the Party

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