The Pietasters – Willis (For fans of Mustard Plug, The Slackers, The Specials)

Need a quick ska fix? Don’t worry, your local corner ska peddler here at the Housewives is here for ya (you god damn junkies…)

Released nearly 12 years ago, The Pietaster’s “Willis” definitely has some solid ska that anyone who is a fan of The Specials or The Slackers could definitely appreciate. The songs themselves are very soul influenced (not something you hear everyday in the world of ska), with the rough vocals definitely being one of the defining aspects of the album.

I find the songs on “Willis” however to be incredibly polarized. Songs such as “Out All Night”, “Bitter”, and “Ocean” are solid gold, but others such as “Stone Feeling” make listening to the entire album tiresome after a while, and I find myself quickly getting bored if I try to listen in it’s entirety. Still, there are many more solid songs than mediocre ones (even the mediocre ones aren’t bad when listening to it on it’s own) , and “Willis” is one that is definitely worth putting in your collection.

The Pietasters – Out All Night
The Pietasters – Fat Sack

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