Taj Motel Trio – Life Of The Party (For fans of Big D and the Kids Table, Catch 22, Mustard Plug)

I’m always slightly wary when checking out a new third wave ska band (note: by new, I mean one I haven’t had a chance to check out). For some unsolved reason that I’m going to leave up to Mulder and Scully to figure out, when a 3rd wave band sucks, they reeeaaaaally suck. We’re talking god awful, and as much as I love ska, it has made me go in cautiously covering my ears as if I was about to fight Tyson.

When I started listening to Life of The Party the other day by Georgia based Taj Motel Trio, I let my guard down 15 seconds into the first track “Be Myself” (ok it was the first track for me, accidently had the mp3 player on shuffle). Playing tight, energetic ska in the veins of early Catch-22 and pre “Strictly Rude” Big D and the Kids Table, the Taj Motel Trio is worth checking out.

Oh, they also opened for Bon Jovi, which should give them mad street cred.

Taj Motel Trio – Be Myself
Taj Motel Trio – T.T.M.T

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Taj Motel Trio

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