SNFU – In The Meantime and In Between Time (For fans of NOFX, Satanic Surfers, The Deviates)

SNFU has been around forever, and probably before a majority of the readers of this blog (including myself). When it came time to roll around their 10th full length “In The Meantime and In Between Time” back in ’04, SNFU perfected that skate punk sound.

SNFU has made a name for themselves over the years, with Ken Chinn having an extremely distinct sing/talk vocal delivery, and complimenting guitar work that uses punk riffs, but often dips into metal and hard rock.

The album itself features some of SNFU’s finest work (Cockatoo Quill, If I Die Will You Die, etc), but some of the songs in the middle don’t really stand strong on their own, but work just fine when listening to the whole album.

A solid album that unfortunately, received very little fanfare and press when released, but should definitely be checked out if you’re a fan of skate punk.

SNFU – Cockatoo Quill
SNFU – If I Die Will You Die?

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