A Tribute To All You Bored At Work Or School (A Mix!)

Hello fellow slackers and procrastinators! I know a lot of you check this website in the middle of the day when you’re at work or at school, so even though I know it’s not a popular time for web traffic, there’s a reason why I post these at like 11:40 in the morning (because I love you all).

I was reading an article today stating how it is super important to stay on task on the job… so I’m going to call shenanigans on that article and say it was written by some rich CEO of some company who is probably playing golf all day and snorting coke with some hooker while the rest of us toil away in our little cubes or classrooms…

So all of you people completely bored at work or school, keep passive-aggressively fighting the man, and let the rest of us know in the comment section your favorite way to kill time at work!

Freygolo – Stupid to Work
Lawrence Arms – Boring Story
Mustard Plug – Your Secret
NOFX – Lazy
The Slackers – Work Song
Verbal Abuse – Boredom
The Virus – Working For The Company

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