The Killdares – Secrets of the Day (for fans of Flogging Molly, The Pogues, Black 47)

With Saint Patty’s Day right around the corner, I figured a Celtic influenced post would be appropriate. Texas doesn’t exactly seem like a breeding ground for Celtic music to flourish (or any music besides country… city of Austin, you are exempt from this broad generalization), however, The Killdares bring their Celtic rock straight outta the Alamo state.

Playing traditional rock and roll mixed with bagpipes and violins, the music would appeal to anyone who is a fan of The Pogues or Flogging Molly. While a few of the ballad-esque songs are a bit too slow for my liking, the faster… err, ok mid tempo ones definitely make up for it.

Secrets of the Day starts out with some really strong tracks, but unfortunately, in the middle sort of turns into easily forgettable generic rock and roll. Luckily the album picks itself back up towards the end, and is a good listen if you skip the filler and are in need of a Celtic kick.

The Killdares – Long Island High (Jigs) (Instrumental)
The Killdares – Closer Than You Know

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