Propagandhi w/ Paint It Black (with Setlist!)

Oh my god… let’s just say I’ve been waiting since nearly the Clinton administration to see one of my favorite bands, Propagandhi (to the point that I wrote the band as a young-un… bitching about how they never come to the States… which Todd graciously replied “one of these days, we will”). So on the day the 3/14/09 show was first announced back in January, I actually jumped out of my seat, left in the middle of work, and sprinted 20 blocks over to the Trocadero to buy a ticket (I wanted to leave no chance of the show selling out).

When I arrived at the Trocadero on Saturday night, I had such a stoke-ness for the show that I haven’t felt since the first time I caught the Bouncing Souls back in 2003. First thing I noticed upon entering the venue, was that for once, I was one of the younger ones in the crowd (and at 23, that doesn’t happen too often at a punk show).

Witch Hunt

(photo by Jon C)

First up was Philly’s own crust punk quartet: “Witch Hunt”. More brutal than those Mexican cartels with their guy/gal vocal duties, Witch Hunt shred through a bunch of their songs with relatively little stage banter, and unfortunately, relatively little stage presence. Witch Hunt however, is one of those bands who’s music is so damn heavy that it speaks for itself, and even with little moving around on their part, the set stands on it’s own. The crowd finally broke out into a full fledged pit once the band ripped into “Blood Red States”, and that set the stage for the rest of the night.

The band played some new material that they are currently recording, and it sounds much more melodic than anything they’ve ever done before, so I’m pretty stoked to hear the new album whenever it comes out.

Paint It Black

I’ve seen Philly hardcore legends a number of times: in the basement of a church, in the middle of the street with kids diving out of trees, but never behind a barricade. And for those who’ve never seen the band, Paint It Black is not one who feels at most home behind a barricade.

Ripping straight into Nicaragua, both the crowd and the band seemed excited to reunite back home. Dan Yemin was gorilla like as ever on stage, and did his best to break down the barriers by performing most of the set directly behind the gates. We did our best to pile on, pass the bouncers, and reach the stage, but there weren’t many stage dives this show. Still, Paint it Black played one hell of a set, and even introduced a new song that will be on one of their upcoming 7 inches (it sounds heavy as all hell by the way).

Setlist (not in order, and may be missing one or two):
-Past Tense, Future Perfect
-Atticus Finch
-Short Changed? (I think they played this one)
-The Ledge
-We Will Not
-Gravity Wins
-So Much For Honor Among Thieves
-Shell Game Redux
-Pink Slip
-Exit Wounds


Finally… after all these years, the band took the Philly stage, with the crowd bursting with excitment and anger (“fuck you guys for taking so long!”). After some basic tuning, the Canadian legends ripped straight into “Supporting Caste”, instantly followed by “Tertium Non Datur”, which the crowd instantly broke out into a pit that wouldn’t let up for the rest of the night. By the lack of singing along (except by a few individuals… including yours truely), it was pretty obvious that not many in the crowd knew any of the new material. After some short greetings, the band then blasted into my favorite track off of “SC”, “The Bangers Embrace”.

Surprisingly keeping the stage banter to a minimum (only to occasionally make fun of The Flyers, Sarah Palin, and how we should be allowed to eat humans), Propagandhi played a tight ass set that many of us have been waiting years to hear (there was one guy I was talking to who was 30, and has been waiting 12 years to see the band). When the band finally finished up, Todd said “see you in another 150 years”. My two biggest complaints of the show? Todd messed up his voice and so there weren’t any “Todd” songs, and Propagandhi didn’t play every single song they ever wrote.

Setlist: (not in complete order… but I think it’s complete)
-Supporting Caste
-Tertium No Dafur
-The Bangers Embrace
-…And We Thought Nation States Were A Bad Idea
-Speculative Fiction
-Hajlllie Sellasse, Up Your Ass
-Back to The Motor League
-Dear Coach’s Corner
-Less Talk, More Rock
-Rio De San Atlanta, Manitoba
-Bringer Of Greater Things
-Today’s Empire, Tomorrow’s Ashes
-Human(e) Meat (The Flensing of Sandor Katz)
-Mate Ka Moris Ukun Rasik An

-Apparently I’m A P.C Fascist
-Fuck the Border (with Dan Yemin doing vocals)
-Purina Hall Of Fame

Witch Hunt – Obscenity
Paint It Black – The Ledge
Propagandhi – The Bangers Embrace

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