Housewives World Tour: Virginia (A Mix)

Welcome! We got bricks, lots and lots of bricks!

Ahh Virginia, my college state… I lived there for a few years, and besides the initial culture shock of people actually saying hi to you on the street (I was convinced they wanted to mug or rape me), confederate flags (you lost over a few hundred years ago, quit being such sore losers), and “missionary position only” laws (which I wouldn’t be surprised if they tried to enforce my a mandatory camera in every bedroom)… I do honestly love it down in Fredericksburg.

After visiting this weekend with some friends, I’ve forgotten how much I really miss that place. So, lets listen to some bands that started in VA!

Avail – Simple Song
Inquisition – Open Letter
Municipal Waste – The Art of Partying
Strike Anywhere – Refusal

More Housewives World (or more like east coast US) Tour:
New Jersaaaaaaay!


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