Ruder Than You – Big Step (For fans of The Specials, The Slackers, The Pietasters)

It’s hard to believe that Philly ska/reggae legends Ruder Than You released their debut “Big Step” back in 1992 (that’s 17 years… don’t worry mathaphobes, we got your back).

While it took a few live renditions of the songs to fully appreciate it, Big Step is a ska revivalist masterpiece. Pulling influences from all waves of ska, reggae, and even some funk thrown in here and there, I honestly haven’t been able to stop listening lately (especially to “Swallow Blood”, what a damn catchy song!)

For some reason, Ruder Than You never gained the same popularity of other contemporaries such as The Slackers or The Pietasters even though they’ve toured and opened for The Skatalites, Bad Manners, and even Desmond Dekker. “Big Step” is one of their strongest releases, and should definitely be part of any ska fan’s collection.

Ruder Than You – Swallow Blood
Ruder Than You – Future Girl

More Housewives Than You:
The Slackers – Self Medication
Ruder Than You – God’s Ghetto (Their funk cd)
Pietasters – Willis
Two and A Half White Guys

Good luck trying to find it, you can probably buy it used somewhere.

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