A “My God I’m Definitely Not Prepared” Mix!

(Photo by Michael Simonic)

So apparently, if I lived in New Orleans, I probably would have just noticed now that there was a flood a few years back… I have an article written up that I was excited to post today (I couldn’t sleep last night because I wet the bed since I was so excited!) But I totally forgot to rip the album to my machine, and don’t have it on me now, so this post will need to wait a bit.

So all you procrastinating, lazy mo-fos out there, this one’s for you!

Bomb The Music Industry – Ready…Set…No!!!
The Deviates – I Remember
Gorilla Biscuits – Forgotten
Millions of Dead Cops – I Remember
NOFX – Lazy

More Mixes that I actually was prepared for:
Housewives World Tour: Virginia! Mix
Holy Crap It’s Friday!!!
A Tribute to All You Bored At Work Or School
President’s Day Mix
Darwin 200th Birthday Mix
Dumbass Yuppies Thinking I’m Trying To Break Into Their Car (A Mix)
Songs To Piss Off The Personal Trainer Below Me Mix
Fuck The Flu Mix
Intermission (A Short Mix)

Smart punk

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