Guttermouth – Musical Monkey (For fans of The Vandals, Screeching Weasel, The Queers)

Immature, irreverent, crude…. hell yeah! One of the most obnoxious southern Cali punk bands around, Guttermouth have definitely made a name for themselves by releasing 9 full lengths in their 21 years of existence (yeah, I didn’t realize they’ve been around that long either).

“Really silverunity? Guttermouth? I used to like them back when I was a freshman in highschool….”. I don’t really listen to the band regularly anymore either, but then I popped in Musical Monkey today and rememeber why I used to love these guys. Sure, they’re juvenile and you might even feel dumber for listening to them, but it’s definitely good fun, so I suggest you get off your proverbial high horse and have a good laugh.

Guttermouth – Bakers Dozen
Guttermouth – Good Friday

Musical Housewives:
Vandals – Live Fast, Diarrea
NOFX – War On Errorism


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