The Killing Tree – The Romance of Helen Trent (For fans of Rise Against, Hope Conspiracy, Have Heart)

Love Rise Against but hate how they seem to be a Nickelback cover band as of late? Maybe you just need your daily injection of furious hardcore. Definitely take a listen to The Killing Tree’s “Romance of Helen Trent”.

The Killing Tree is led by Rise Against’s vocalist Tim, and unfortunately the band has been put on hold to focus on Rise Against (last time The Killing Tree put out an album was in 2003).

The music is a blend of different styles, mostly straight up hardcore, punk, some metal-core and just a tad of post-hardcore thrown in. The songs are especially long for a hardcore band (around 5-6 minutes each), but for the most part, the band usually throws enough variety in there to even keep an attention deficit destroyer fan like myself interested.

Give them a listen, you may be surprised to hear some of Rise Against’s earlier roots.

The Killing Tree – Violets are Blue
The Killing Tree – Switchblade Architect (Shredfest begins at 49 seconds)

Killing Housewives:
The Steal – Bright Grey
Appeal To Reason Sucked
Rise Against – The Unraveling

The Killing Tree Official Site

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