Burden (For fans of Bane, Ten Yard Fight, Gorilla Biscuits)

You’ll never find a shortage of good hardcore here at Housewives (scout’s honor), and keeping with that tradition, I present you with Vancouver’s Burden.

Their album “If You Don’t Stand Up For Something You’ll Fall For Anything” is straight up wicked old school styleee hardcore in the veins of Ten Yard Fight and is damn good (besides having a title that seems a little bit too contrived…)

They are a little heavy on the straight edge lyrics, which can get old pretty quick (this is coming from someone who is straight edge), but they were a straight edge hardcore band… so it’s pretty expected.

Nothing overly original or out of the ordinary here, but if you’re looking to expand your old school hardcore collection, definitely a solid addition to practice those stage dives!

Burden – One In The Same
Burden – 6-23-09

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