“Ghost Towns and Mad Styling” Mix!

So this weekend, as I often do, I headed down to my college town with some friends. However, this time around, there was seriously nobody around: everyone was either out of town or having a giant party and not telling any of us.

We stopped at a few bars to see if we’d run into anyone we knew, and this is what happened:

1. Bar that is usually packed, total of 2 people in there.

2. We walked into another, and it was filled with a bunch of 40-50 yr. old rednecks dancing to Nickelback. As tempting as it was to stay… we didn’t last 10 seconds.

The weird thing was, my friend visited on Thursday, and everyone was around… just not on Saturday night… So here’s a mix to the sort of surreal experience.

Give Up The Ghost – Shoplifting In A Ghost Town
Zero Down – Empty Promised Land
The Arrogant Sons Of Bitches – So Let’s Go Nowhere!!!
8 Bit Bullet – Bustin Mad Chills…Yo! (Instrumental trippy electro-ska)

More Mixes From Some More Slightly Successful Trips Down There:
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