The Unseen – Lower Class Crucifixtion (For fans of The Casualties, A Global Threat, The Virus)

I remember when I first got into street punk. The pure unadulterated, no bullshit pissed off energy without the pop hooks found in other styles of punk rock. While I know most people are (or were) introduced to the heavier styles of punk by The Casualties, it was actually the Boston punk rockers The Unseen that get me into the style years ago.

Released as their debut back in 1997, Lower Class Crucifixtion is the most raw punk rock album that The Unseen has released to this day. While I don’t find it in my regular rotation anymore, LCC is definitely a classic that you either need to hear or reconnect with.

The Unseen – What Are We Waiting For?
The Unseen – Social Security

Lower Class Housewives:
The Virus – Nowhere to Hide
Against All Authority
46 Short
Adolf And The Piss Artists
Violent Society

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