A “Save The Planet” Mix

Have you hugged a tree today? Well you should probably be more productive, because trees don’t care if you hug them or not. Instead, you can check out a list of 172 things you can do to help save the world over here. And you can find out how many tons of carbon that you are personally responsible for by calculating your carbon footprint.

And please, please, please shut your computers off or put them in suspend mode at night or when you’re not using them. Contrary to popular belief… it doesn’t take more electricity to boot up your machine than to keep it on. It also doesn’t make the lifespan of your machine any shorter. I don’t know why so many people think this is the case.

Oh yeah, and since we are a music blog… here are some songs! If you have any ideas on how to save electricity, let me hear about it.

Give Up The Ghost – The Ice Age Is Coming
Murder Majesty – The Trees Were Ours
Strike Anywhere – Earthbound
The Pietasters – Ocean

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