Bouncing Souls – 20th Anniversary Series: Volume I

20 years… that’s more than pretty damn impressive. Being one of the most consistent bands in punk rock today (only one member change in 20 years), the Bouncing Souls obviously love what they’re doing. To celebrate their 20th year together, these New Jersey moochers are digitally releasing one new song every month, and then pressing a limited edition vinyl.

Volume I is the first of the installments, and while a little too brief for me (4 songs), the songs are pretty solid. “Gasoline” and “We All Sing Along” are outstanding classic sing-along anthematic Souls tracks, while “Airport Security” is a light-hearted, mid tempo rock song that is surprisingly more catchy the more and more I listen to it. “A Life Less Ordinary” is an acoustic song similar to the acoustic material found on Anchors Aweigh.

I’m a die hard Souls fan who wasn’t too impressed with The Gold Record (don’t get me wrong, I like it, but it’s not up to standard with the rest of their albums) and I’m definitely digging Volume I of the series. While I would prefer a full length (I hate when bands release one song at a time), new material from the Souls is always welcomed, regardless of the format.

Bouncing Souls – Gasoline

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