mc chris – Part Six Part One

When I saw mc chris this past November, I mentioned that he didn’t really seem to be enjoying himself up on stage. Even with his 2008 release “mc chris is dead”, he made sure to keep the lyrics relatively clean in hopes of some radio play. It looks like 2009 is a return to form for this master chief. Releasing his latest “Part Six” in six different installments, it appears that mc chris is just out to have fun again.

“Part Six Part One” is the first of the six installments, and contains 4 new songs and 3 new skits. The songs are solid, offensive (welcome back chris), and as usual, pretty damn hilarious. They tap into a bunch of different styles, with some having a more hard rock beat to them. The skits are funny as well (and I usually hate skits on albums), but mc chris pulls it off well with his buddies from Adult Swim (although the first skit on the album “Dirty Dick” is just more offense than anything else).

If you’re a fan of mc chris, check out “Part Six Part One”… while $10 seems pretty steep, I’m sure if you wait, he’ll release an online version or a compilation once all the parts are complete.

mc chris – Awesome Fucker

Part Housewives, Part Hip Hop:
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mc chris is dead
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