The Top 5 Punk Band Names

Let’s be honest with ourselves… punk band names are usually very formulaic. If you want to start a Ramones style/surf punk band, throw the word “teenage” in the beginning (Teenage Bottlerocket, Teenage Harlots, Teenage Whore Moans, etc.)

Going for a more traditional punk band? No problem, just put the word “against” in there (Against All Authority, Against Me!, Rise Against…) So let’s give credit where credit is due, and recognize those bands that put a little more “oompha” in the thought of their name!

5. Reagan Youth
Simple, elegant, and to the point. Comparing someone to Hitler without ever actually coming out and saying it.
4. Dead Kennedys
Ok, so apparently if you want to start an 80s punk band… throw a president’s last name in there (Obama’s Pajamas for anyone who wants to start a revivalist band). Seriously though, think about the name “Dead Kennedys”… genius.

3. Bomb The Music Industry!
Holy shit, you know it’s serious with the presence of the exclamation mark. Besides everyone who owns a BTMI shirt being on 10 federal watch lists for the name.

2. The Tony Danza Tap Dance Extravaganza
Seriously, does this one need an explanation? Ok, so technically, they are more of a metal-core band, but whatever. Tony Danza actually found out about the band on his talk show, and hilarity ensued. Unfortunately, the video that I knew of isn’t working right, so if you find this video, definitely post the link in the comment section. Let’s just say it involves a lot of old ladies clapping to grindcore.

1. This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb
No band name has ever started so many terrorist scares. An airport was evacuated, a dude in Ohio was arrested for inducing panic and they closed down a college while calling in the bomb squad, and numerous similar stories happened across the country. Props to you, This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb.

What’s your top 5 punk band names? Let me hear dem’ lists people!

Bomb The Music Industry! – (Shut) Up The Punx!!!
Tony Danza Tap Dance Extravaganza – Bringin It Straight From Alabama
Dead Kennedys – Kill The Poor

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