Transit – Stay Home (For fans of Lifetime, Smoke or Fire, Static Radio NJ)

It’s really rare for me to like a more melodic punk/hardcore album after the first listen (hell, I even thought one of my favorites Smoke or Fire was too whiny first time I heard them…), but after one spin of Transit’s “Stay Home” EP, I instantly fell in love with their sound.

Transit plays Lifetime-esque punk rock, with a sound not too unlike contemporaries Static Radio NJ. There’s a lot going on here: the intricate yet adrenaline laced melodies unfold the more you listen to the album, and the vocals manage to be snotty, gruff, and emotional without sounding like some dude crying on the microphone.

Definitely a solid release for 2009, any fan of Lifetime, A Wilhelm Scream, or melodic punk rock in general should check this one out.

Transit – Stays The Same

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Run For Cover Records

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