Protest The Hero (Live In Philly 5/11/09)


Yes… I know, it’s been a show blitz here at the housewives, but that’s how we role! Despite feeling like utter shit on Monday, I headed out to see my favorite Canadian prog-metal/thrashers Protest The Hero. When I got in, Protest The Hero’s merch guy started to talk to me about Propagandhi (I was wearing a Propagandhi shirt), and said although it doesn’t happen every show, they might play a cover. Awesome.

When I got in… Misery Signals was setting up. They were your standard metalcore/screamo band so I couldn’t really get into them, but they seemed cool (“if you like us tonight… go online, and download our album. We don’t care, pirate that shit!”)

Protest The Hero
First off, let me say that I was shocked by the lack of a solid pit for the band. Seriously, the pit often consisted of just me, and I was running a 101 fever that night, so I can only dance for so long. With that being said, Protest The Hero was tight as usual, although they only played two songs off of “Kezia”, with the rest coming off of “Fortress” (I love both albums, so it doesn’t matter to me).

They gave multiple shout outs to “the dude in the Propagandhi shirt”, and ripped into “Fuck The Border”, which sadly, 99% of the crowd didn’t know what it was. Needless to say, I was the only one in the pit, and once they finished, “That goes out to the only person in the crowd who knows it.” Dang-fangled kids these days and their lack of knowledge about the great Propagandhi…

Blood Meat
Goddess Bound
Goddess Gagged
No Stars Over Bethlahem
Palms Read
Blind Folds Aside
Limb From Limb
Fuck The Border (Propagandhi Cover)
Seqouina Throne

Protest The Hero – Spoils

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