Higher Giant and Off With Their Heads (Live In Philly 5/18/09)

Last night, although beyond exhaustion, I headed out to the tiny dive up in North Philly known as the Barbary in order to catch Higher Giant. I was running really late, but the show was running even later, so I made it in time for the openers.


Detournement is compromised of a pretty respectable lineup: members from Bigwig, Worthless United, Ensign, and a slew of other cream of the crop Jersey bands. Theoretically, they should completely rip it live with their experience. Their performance last night seemed slightly lackluster.

Granted the band completely skipped a sound check, and thus there were no vocals in the mix at all, so I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt and blame it on the shitty sound mix.

Higher Giant:

The reason I came to the show! I’ve seen Higher Giant twice before, and also consisting of a solid lineup (members from Grey Area, Kid Dynamite, The Arsons, etc), Higher Giant always kills it live. Although it seemed like no one except me knew who they were or any of the songs, last night wasn’t any exception.

Going through their entire catalog, they played everything off of “The First 5”, and introduced about 5 new songs that haven’t been released yet. The songs definitely were solid, and I’m definitely stoked to check out the new ones once they’re released.

If they come around your area, definitely hit them up, one of the most underrated punk bands around today.

Off With Their Heads

These were the dudes that everyone (except myself) was there to see, and the crowd finally livened up once they took the stage. I’ve never actually heard them before, but they definitely reminded me of Dillinger Four/Screeching Weasel (which is always a good thing).

Stage banter was non-existent, and it was a non-stop onslaught of cheery, drinky punk songs. The show definitely made me want to pick up some stuff by these guys to check out, and it was a fun show, even though I didn’t know any of their songs.

Higher Giant – Dangerous (Low Quality)

Higher Housewives:
Higher Giant – The First 5
Token Entry
Higher Giant w/Token Entry and Bouncing Souls
The Art of Moshing Everywhere With Kid Dynamite

Higher Giant Myspace

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