mc chris / Whole Wheat Bread (live in Philly 5/19/09)

Last night, I headed down to Philly’s beloved First Unitarian to catch my favorite nerd rapper mc chris. Last time I saw the master chief, I was pretty sure that the predator baby was going to come out of my stomach, thus due to extreme pains, it made the show a bit less than enjoyable (yay for being a vegatarian allergic to soy).

This time around I went soy free, and pain free… and ready to dance stand and listen to one nerdy rapper. Last time I was a bit shocked by the crowd, so this time I was prepared for the Chewbaca costumes, darth vadar face masks, and the all around lack of energy from the crowd.

Whole Wheat Bread:

I’ve seen Whole Wheat Bread more times than I can remember, and their shows are always hit or miss. They either completely kill it live, or completely suck. Unfortunately, last night these Jacksonville (wannabe) thug punk rockers turned up the suckage. Playing waaaay too many “dirty south ya’ll” raps, the few pop-punk songs they played completely seemed to lack any energy whatsoever.

The lack of energy didn’t stop a group of about 10 dedicated fans who started to pit (although I don’t even know if it could technically be considered a mosh pit…) in the middle of the nerd crowd, who were obviously EXTREMELY pissed off anybody was dancing. Regardless, I definitely wasn’t feeling the band last night.

mc chris:

mc chris surprised me with his setlist. Concentrating on mostly older songs (only a few newer ones were played at all), mc chris tore up the microphone with the opening of “Geek”. Busting straight into The Tussin afterwords, the only movement in the crowd came from 2 dudes who were dancing and bumping into people (and mc chris kicked them out for being “dicks”… sigh.)

He seemed in much better spirits than he did last time I saw him, and seemed to be enjoying himself on stage with his constant crowd control (whatever he said, people did).

The stage banter was hilarious (“that’s when I realized that twilight was racist: all american-indians are werewolves”), and he even stopped the show for a little bit for a quick Q & A session (which he said he wouldn’t take requests… so I guess no “Check The Ring, Yo” for silverunity). For the last song, mc chris came back on stage with Whole Wheat Bread to play “Fett’s Vette”, which made me firmly believe that mc chris should do a tour with a backing band, much more energy.

I’d definitely recommend going to see mc chris, but expect a crowd that makes indie shows seem lively.

Setlist (Not in order, but pretty complete)
-The Tussin
-Fuckin Up My Christmas
-mc chriz Ownz
-Ten Year Old
-White Kids Love Hip Hop
-Robot Dog
-Pizza Butt
-nrrrd grrrl

-mc chris is dead
-Fett’s Vette

MC Chris – The Tussin

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mc chris

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