Annabel – Each and Everyone (For fans of Built to Spill, Look Mexico, Modest Mouse)

If it’s not fast and heavy, reggae, or Johann Sebastian Bach, I usually hate it. If the music sounds hipster-y (you know, that indie shuffle drum beat, vocals try to sound like Modest Mouse or Pavement), you can count on me double hating it.

So the fact that I’m liking Annabel’s “Each and Everyone” is a bit of a logical fallacy. The songs are slow, long, and uhhh…. really good actually. There’s a lot going on in these songs. Bells, keys, cymbal heavy, and intricate guitar work make these songs incredibly melodic and ambient. I’ll admit, the songs do have a tendency to run together, and I can’t listen to more than 4-5 in a row before I need to take a break and come back, but that probably has more to do with my A.D.D than anything else.

I’d swear that these dudes were from Brooklyn if I didn’t know that they were from Kent, Ohio. Oh, and I can’t be the only punk rock fan who is digging these guys, as they played last year’s Fest 7.

Annabel – People And Places

Each And Every Article:
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