You Sick Of Your Job? (A Mix!)

Man, so the other day, I was informed that I need to get to work earlier, as in an hour and a half earlier. Oh, and they also want me to stay later (not happening). I’m already taking a hit in pay since I work for a non-profit… but the reason I took the job was because they didn’t seem strict about the hours. Well, now there is no reason to stay here.

So to all my other fellow wage slaves and future wage slaves (students), this one’s for you.

Atom and His Package – Mission #1: Avoid Job Working With Assholes
Bomb The Music Industry – Jobs Schmobs
Chixdiggit – Quit Your Job
NOFX – It’s My Job To Keep Punk Rock Elite

More Mixes To Quit Your Job To:
Tribute To All You Bored At Work Or School
Monday Morning Ant Brigade
Housewives Guide To Getting Through An Interview Without Being Bamboozled

Buy (You Capitalist bastard):

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