Higher Giant – Al’s Moustache (For Fans of Kid Dynamite, Grey Area, The Bouncing Souls)

I’ve said it many times before, and I’ll say it again just for thoroughness, Higher Giant is one of the most underrated punk (melodic hardcore?) bands around these days. Featuring members of Kid Dynamite, Grey Area, and The Arsons, Higher Giant is getting ready to release the follow-up EP to the “First Five” that they released last year.

The newest batch of songs contained on “Al’s Moustache” follow the same musical style of “The First Five”, with their brand of melodic punk songs, complete with sick driving drums, sing-along whoas, clean actually sung vocals, and melodic guitar riffs. Anyone who loves Grey Area will definitely dig the latest EP, and I highly suggest anyone who is a fan of punk rock in general to check their EPs out.

Higher Giant – Union Square

Higher Housewives:
Higher Giant w/Off With Their Heads Live In Philly
Higher Giant – The First 5
Token Entry
Higher Giant w/Token Entry and Bouncing Souls
The Art of Moshing Everywhere With Kid Dynamite

Higher Giant Super Official Website

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