The Deviates – My Life (For fans of Pennywise, NOFX, Satanic Surfers)

Skate punk* is usually a genre that doesn’t hold my attention for long. It seems like every 90’s Southern California skate punk band are just trying to be like Pennywise or Bad Religion…(yawn). Sure, I like the songs, but the music is never something that sticks with me.

Exception to the rule: The Deviates debut release “My Life”. Sure, the whole Pennywise influenced skate punk is there, but there’s something about their execution that differs from 99.5% of SO-CAL bands out there.

All the songs are fast and catchy, but their personal lyrics are what helps make The Deviates shine through the rest of the bands.

If you like old Pennywise, NOFX, etc. you know the deal by now. Sure it may not be super original, but it’s definitely a fun album.

*I skate a lot… but I never find myself listening to skate punk when hitting rails.

The Deviates -One Day
The Deviates – This Town

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The Deviates

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