Bike Races, Drunk Fests and Racist Yuppies (A Mix!)

So this weekend, my entire neighborhood was shut down for a massive bike race that comes through every year. Since my neighborhood consists mostly of young 20 something year olds, everyone uses it as an excuse to get completely wasted. People were drinking in the middle of the street with cops turning a blind eye to the festivities. I don’t drink but I still went out to catch the fun.

As I was chilling with some people I knew, and this 26ish year old yuppie girl that was with us, started going off about how clean her neighborhood is… and I quote: “No niggers live there… oops I’m sorry, Negroes”. She then proceeded to bitch about how they trashed the place after the bike race.

Uhh… What the fuck? First off, it was dumb fucking yuppies like yourself that trashed the place with their beer cans after the event. Second off, people around my age with educations are still this ignorant? The dumb fuck.

God I hate people… needless to say, I just left right then and there to hang out by myself (no company is better than bad company).

Bomb The Music Industry – Bike Test 1 2 3
SNFU – Drunk On A Bike
Against All Authority – No Reason

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