The Lillingtons – Too Late Show (For fans of Teenage Bottlerocket, The Copyrights, The Ramones)

You dig Teenage Bottlerocket? Well who doesn’t these days? Unfortunately, they only have three full length albums, so thank god for The Lillingtons.

Formed back in 1995, The Lillingtons were Kody Templeman’s (Teenage Bottlerocket) earlier band, and the influences between the two bands show. Newcastle Wymoning’s Lillingtons sound exactly like Teenage Bottlerocket, if Bottlerocket were to sing about the world ending in various and often hilarious situations (I hate to keep drawing comparisions to TB, but seriously, take a listen, it’s unavoidable.)

On their final release “The Too Late Show”, we’ve got earth ending by martian attack, zombies, soviets, and zombie soviets. I’m glad I discovered this little gem in punk rock to hold me over to the next Teenage Bottlerocket release.

The Lillingtons – Do It U.S.S.R

The Too Late Housewives:
Teenage Bottlerocket – Another Way
The Copyrights
The High School Dropouts
The Vapids – Most Underrated Ramones-Esque Band Around
Teenage Bottlerocket – Warning Device


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