Ceremony – Still Nothing Moves You (For fans of Some Girls, Converge, Blacklisted)

As I mentioned on Monday, I saw Ceremony for the first time on Friday night, was completely impressed, although I had my doubts how their ferocious grindcore would translate on album. After listening to 2008 release “Still Nothing Moves You”, I can say “pretty fucking well” with confidence.

I can’t listen to many grind influenced albums all the way through without getting bored (greeeat, you’re heavy and like noise, you’re different. I get the fucking point) but I can listen to Ceremony’s grind/hardcore over and over again.

Pulling influences from bands such as Some Girls and Converge, “Still Nothing Moves You” is a must hardcore album for people who prefer their music to resemble a jackhammer to the face.

Ceremony – He-god-Has Favored Our Undertakings
Ceremony – Eraser Making Its Way Its Only Job

Still Housewives Moves You:
Scenester 101: How to Be Hardcore in 10 Easy Steps!
Paint It Black w/ Ceremony Live
Ten Yard Fight

Bridge 9 Records

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