Paint it Black – Amnesia (New EP!)

Paint it Black has gotten it backwards: most hardcore bands release a handful of EPs before releasing one or two full lengths and calling it a day. With three full albums already under their belt, it’s kind of odd to see Paint it Black jump to the 7-inch format. But hey, if it’s going to get me more Paint it Black in the shortest amount of time, I’m not complaining.

Put short, “Amnesia” fucking dominates. With 5 songs in about 10 minutes (with one song 3:30 in length, a new record for the band!), it’s easy to ask “what the hell just happened” by the end.

The opening track “Salem” is a rough-around-the-edges (and straight to the core) song that reminds me a bit of “We Will Not” or “Gravity Wins” without the melodic breakdowns. The next 4 songs are much more melodic, but in a much more low key way (you won’t find any “Memorial Day” on this EP).

Their next EP is set to be released in August on Fat Wreck (seriously…), which contains songs from the same recording session, so I’ll be looking forward to those.

Paint it Black – Amnesia

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