I Got 99 Problems But Moving Ain’t One (A Mix!)

Pretty sure my boxes are packed with this.

Keeping up with the tradition I unknowingly started for myself back in ’05… I apparently move out of my apartment every year. All damn weekend, it’s been a party of packing, lifting heavy crap, and complaining that my girlfriend has too much stuff. Although when I pack, it gets kind of dangerous. I don’t believe in boxes, and throw everything (and I mean everything) into plastic bags: including fragile kitchen glasses. If they break? Fuck em, drinking from broken glass toughens you up.

On the plus side: I did see Bedouin Soundclash on Friday, so I’ll have a posting on that soon. I also am going to see Totally Michael tonight (assuming I can find enough quarters to pay the cover, as I get my paycheck tomorrow… being paid once a month is aweeeeesome…)

Bouncing Souls – Apartment 5F
Atom and his Package – Posession (Not The One By Danzig)
Lawrence Arms – The First Eviction Notice

More Moving Mixes:
Moving Strife ’08
Apparently, I didn’t make a mix for 07, so here’s one about racist yuppies.


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