Yardbeat – Straight From Yard (For fans of New York Ska Jazz Ensemble, Desmond Dekker, Toots and the Maytals)

(picture taken from their homepage, which hasn’t been updated since 1999… I like the MS Paint Frame).

Flash back to 2003. I was a college freshman when my college radio station was cleaning out their inventory and had a “free bin” mostly filled with pop/emo/alternative rock crap. I was sifting through the CDs, and was starting to feel hopeless about finding something redeeming when I stumbled upon Yardbeat’s “Straight From Yard”. The cover looked like a ska album, could this be something I like? Oh yes.

Yardbeat is a straight up ska band with some jazz influences. Coming from Jamaica and playing mostly instrumental songs, “Straight From Yard” provides the perfect background music if just laying out on the beach or some straight summer chillings.

Yardbeat – Fortune Teller
Yardbeat – Intruder

More Straight Chillin:
Hub City Stompers – Blood Sweat and Beers
Hub City Stompers – Ska Ska Black Sheep
Ruder Than You – Big Step
The Slackers – Self Medication

Beatville Records

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