Ceremony – Scared People EP (For fans of Some Girls, Trash Talk, Blacklisted)

Man, Ceremony has been quickly becoming one of my favorite hardcore bands as of late. Released back in ’07, “Scared People” has 5 new songs and one Negative FX cover from these Cali hardcore kings.

The songs are a bit more melodic than their newer “Still Nothing Moves You”, and a bit less spazz-tastic (they songs are still bat-shit crazy). I can go in more details, but by the time you’ve read my post, you probably could have been done with the EP by now, so do yourself a favor, and check out the song below to get an idea what Ceremony is all about. (Although as just a single song, it feels kind of naked without the rest, “Scared People” was definitely meant to be listened to as a whole).

Ceremony – Making With The Stale Air

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Bridge 9

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