Beastie Boys: A Bunch Of Hardcore Kids In Disguise

With the recent announcement that MCA from the Beastie Boys has been diagnosed with a very treatable form of cancer, I thought it would be a good time to revisit these hip/hop hardcore kids.

“What? Hardcore kids? silverunity, what the fuck are you smoking?”

Yes dear readers, when they’re not fighting for their right to party, and not suffering from mass amounts of insomnia before they just so happen to reach their destination of one of the 5 boroughs (particularly Brooklyn), the Beastie Boys are stage diving, hardcore mofos. I posted an article back in ’07 about their hardcore album (MP3 no longer works), so check out the montage of videos I found of some of their live performances.

Beastie Boys – Screaming At A Wall (Minor Threat Cover)

Beastie Boys – Holy Snappers

1995 Hardcore Set (Covers Circle Jerks on 2nd Song)

1983 Set

I Waaaant Soooome:
Beastie Boys – As Punk Rockers
10 Rules If You Wanna Be Hardcore
Comeback Kid
Kid Dynamite And The Art Of Moshing Everywhere
Static Radio NJ

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